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Merchants will not tell you the choice of the mattress
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Merchants will not tell you the choice of the mattress

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Despite the increasing number of mattress strategies on the Internet, the content is almost uniform and not very practical. The sleepers have seen many strategies, and it is still difficult to buy a suitable mattress. The reason is because these strategies are only at the stage of comparison and layman, not from the perspective of professionalism and professionalism.
As a small series of home furnishing industry, I naturally know a lot of people in the industry. Then, from the perspective of the insider, I will tell you that some mattress merchants will not tell you about the mattress selection strategy.
Thea figure furniture
1. The more expensive the mattress is, the better?
Many people think that "the more expensive the mattress, the better." It sounds reasonable, but this sentence is not absolute. As you can see, there are a lot of people who buy inferior mattresses on the Internet. On the contrary, there are also many quality mattresses that are affordable.
For example, Dongbao mattress has been “the king of cost performance” by many consumers. Their mattresses are compared with other mattresses of the same brand. Under the same quality, the price is more affordable; at the same price, the quality is better.
When choosing a mattress, it is more important to pay attention to “price/performance ratio” than to pay attention to “price”.
Thea figure furniture
2. Select the mattress before going online to see if the brand has negative news.
In the Internet age, many messages on the Internet expose the true face of a brand. For example, some brands of mattresses on the Internet are badly rated, even if they spend a lot of public relations, they can't stop everyone's mouth.
Here to recommend a website, "Baidu word of mouth", here not only can see the real evaluation of consumers, but also can see news reports about the brand. Xiaobian tried to search for "Dongbao mattress", the praise rate was as high as 98%. There was no negative news about the brand's news reports, and it is better that the news shows that in several authoritative organizations In the quality inspection, the quality of Dongbao mattresses was all qualified.
Thea figure furniture
3. How to choose the mattress that suits you?
Once you have identified the brand and have a thorough understanding of the brand's quality, you can choose the mattress with confidence. Buying a mattress says so much skill, in fact, the core is "sleep well." Therefore, Xiaobian has always suggested that when you buy a mattress, try to go to the physical store to try to sleep, feel the mattress material, design, hardness is suitable for yourself. In fact, there is no special skill in this aspect. The online method of touching the mattress and smelling the mattress method is not a shopping skill. You can lie down and feel it. If you have any questions, consult a professional in the store.
But now more and more people buy mattresses online, so how do you choose this? The only way is to choose a mattress brand that can sleep. For example, the Toho mattress mentioned above, they offer a limited time to sleep service. You take a favorite mattress and you can return it if you are not satisfied with the sleep within the prescribed time limit. But make sure not to damage the mattress.
In general, the choice of mattresses is not so much exaggerated. Just choose a brand with good quality and reasonable price, try again, and choose the one that suits you best. This is the most correct choice.